Tiffany is hitting an apologetic note with fans after going off on attendees at a recent concert when she screwed up a song.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the singer can be seen struggling during her signature song, “I Think We’re Alone Now” during a show in Melbourne, Florida.

As she sings, her voice cracks, she seems to forget lyrics and sings wildly off-key.

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“F**k you guys — I will f**king nail this in,” she tells the crowd. “This is my hit!”

She then continues on with the song, but it doesn’t go much better

She later shared a video on Instagram to address what took place, kicking it off by singing the chorus to “I Think We’re Alone Now” — far better than she did onstage.

“Hey guys, can we chat?” she says.

“‘I am so sorry. I panicked. It’s not often that I lose my voice and I got up there and just absolutely had a panic attack, a meltdown,” she admits. “And out of my frustration, I said things that I don’t mean, at all. I love you guys very, very much.”

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In fact, she adds, she felt “horrified” by what happened. ‘I pride myself in being able to come and bring it to my shows and I love being with you guys and I had no clue I had a vocal problem,” she continues.

“I love you guys and I’m sorry for any off-colour things that I said. It’s definitely not the norm for me,” she concluded. “I just had no clue my voice wasn’t gonna show up that day until I was in the very moment, so I apologize and I love you guys. Happy Thanksgiving and I love you.”

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