Andy Samberg wants to take a further look.

On Wednesday, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, and he offered up his own take on how to improve one of the show’s most popular segments.

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“I’ve been working on some stuff, and not just movies and TV, I developed a couple of ideas for your show,” Samberg said. “Like you know how you do ‘A Closer Look’? So I was thinking that I could do one.”

He explained, “You kind of do, like, a deep dive in politics, but I would do more of a macro view of it, in a new segment that I like to call: ‘A Further Look’.'”

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Demonstrating his very short take on the new segment, Samberg mimicked the host’s delivery, complete with intro music, and said, “OK, so people in politics are mad, and everyone thinks that they’re right. But the people on the other side of the issue, they think that they’re right. This has been ‘A Further Look’.”

Samberg wasn’t done there, though, offering up other alternative segments like “A Farther Look” and “A Farthing Look”.