“Licorice Pizza” has drawn criticism ahead of its release due to a controversial scene. 

In the movie, a white male played by John Michael Higgins speaks to his Japanese wife in a fake Asian accent. He later repeats this with his new Japanese wife further on in the film. 

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“Picture this: You’re watching LICORICE PIZZA. It’s brilliant,” wrote David Chen, host of the “Culturally Relevant” podcast, on Twitter.

“Then, early on, a buffoonish character drops an Asian caricature. The (mostly white) audience laughs. And now you gotta think about that laughter the rest of the film.”

Screenwriter Karen Maine also took to social media to discuss the scene. 

“Licorice Pizza” stars Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper and Alana Haim. 

The coming-of-age film is set in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley in the 1970s.


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