Michael Bublé isn’t so fond of some of the Christmas jokes that get thrown at him every year.

The Canadian hitmaker spoke to Kate Garraway for a “Smooth Radio Presents… A Christmas Celebration” interview, with the host asking him about his King of Christmas status.

Bublé said of his iconic festive album, “I was OK with coming back out and celebrating it. I love Christmas, and I’m really proud of this record. But I was never OK with flogging it. It made me feel cringey, always.

“Every time they’d ask, I would say, ‘I don’t mind coming on a TV show. I love to go on Graham Norton. I love to come out and do whatever, and sing a song. But every time they said, ‘Let’s talk about it again’ – I would say, ‘No, thank you.’

“I think there’s a double-edged sword. A girlfriend of mine said to me the other day, ‘As much as it might bug you for people to make the jokes… You’d be devastated if you weren’t part of it.'”

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Bublé, who just released his new track “Christmas Sweater”, continued, “And she was right. I would be. I would be devastated. I would never believe that a dude from Burnaby, whose grandfather, a plumber, would have snuck him into nightclubs for 10 years to work, would somehow be associated with such a beautiful time of year. As a Christian, it’s even more special for me.

“So you know what? And I know. Listen, I’m really lucky that I’m allowed to put out records, and I can still go and play stadiums and arenas and stuff like that.

“But of course, there are times when it rubs you the wrong way. I mean, how many times on the street – someone comes up, and says, you know, ‘Well, you’ve defrosted.’

“You look at them and think… you know, you smile at them, and you say, ‘Ha ha ha’. But I definitely don’t want to see them in comedy clubs, because if their jokes are that fresh, they’re not going to have a great set!”

Bublé said of first making the album, “I was very sure of the focus I had and vision. I actually remember sitting in the studio, finishing off the record.

“One of the arrangers, Chris Walden, said to me, ‘Wow, this is great. So you’re making a Christmas record?’ I remember saying to him, ‘No, I’m not making a Christmas record, I’m making THE Christmas record.'”

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“I remember, he looked at me in this funny way, and I’m sure he thought, Shut up, punk. What are you talking about? But I feel like I had genuinely loved the music so much, and I really did love the holiday so much that I’d known that I was never going to make another.

“I knew even at that time that you should never say never. But I’ll never make another. I don’t think I will. It was fine for me to do a couple of songs, but I think, for me, it sort of just happened. It happened to be the 10th anniversary, and I was OK with that. I was OK with us celebrating the 10th anniversary.

“I think after what I’ve been through with my boy, and what our family had been through, going through COVID – I think it gave me an even deeper appreciation and sentimentality for how privileged I was to be part of a holiday that brings hope [and] brings light,” he shared, referencing his now-eight-year-old son Noah’s liver cancer battle in 2016.