Seth Meyers had some exciting news for “Late Night” viewers on Thursday’s episode.

The host revealed he and his wife Alexi had welcomed a baby girl named Adelaide.

Meyers invited his family to the show to celebrate Thanksgiving and shared an adorable clip of his sons Ashe, 5, and Axel, 3, dressed up as turkeys with the family dog, who was a pilgrim.

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The video introduced the newest turkey to the family — cute little Addie in the middle of the two boys.

Meyers gushed, “We had another one, you guys! This is 10 weeks ago, my wife gave birth to a baby girl, and I feel like it’s only fitting for you to tell everybody what her name is.”

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His mom Hillary then said: “Oh, my gosh, her name is Adelaide — Addie — after my mother.

“I knew, knowing Seth and Alexi, it had to start with an A, it had to be a cool name, and I know what family means to all of them.”

She admitted she “burst into tears” when she heard the news.