The actually killed Kenny! Again!

In the new, hour-long “South Park: Post Covid” special, which debuted this week, the show jumps far into the future, with its characters all grown-up adults.

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When Kyle gets a call informing him that his old friend Kenny, who has since become a millionaire scientist, has died, he and his friends go back to South Park for the funeral.

Once there, they discover that Kenny’s death due to the new COVID Delta+ Rewards variant was actually a result of their late friend’s search for the origins of the coronavirus.

They later find a hidden flash drive in Kenny’s body onto which he’s recorded a video explaining that he had attempted to go back in time to prevent the pandemic from ever happening.

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He also blames his “three d**khead friends, Stan, Kyle and Cartman,” who “ruined everything when they let COVID break up their friendship and become argumentative, combative, pessimistic a**holes.”

That’s when the three surviving friends admit, “Let’s face it, guys, we killed Kenny.”

“South Park: Post Covid” is the first in a string of 14 planned specials, ordered by Paramount+ earlier this year, along with a renewal of the show through season 30.