A recent NASA mission to test new technology designed to slam into Earthbound asteroids and deflect them off course is reminding people of a certain Bruce Willis movie with a similar plot — including that movie’s director.

Michael Bay helmed the 1998 disaster flick “Armageddon”, in which Willis leads a crew of deep-core drillers to insert a nuclear bomb deep within a Texas-sized asteroid in order to change its course so it won’t destroy Earth.

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On Thursday, Nov. 25, Bay responded to news of the NASA mission.

“I told you so. But nobody wanted to listen to me,” he wrote, joking that NASA’s DART rocket would be causing some “BAYHEM” in outer space.

“Our plan was not far off,” Bay told TheWrap of how his film seemingly predicted the future.

“Thank God they’re doing something because these things [asteroids], they’re lethal. They come in 24,000 miles an hour, if I remember correctly — it’s an airburst to the ground.”

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