For anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like for a married couple who are both actors when one spouse performs a steamy onscreen sex scene, Matthew Macfadyen is here to confirm that it’s just as “weird” as one would imagine.

In a new interview with “The Times”, the “Succession” star — who is married to Kelley Hawes of “The Bodyguard” — reveals he wasn’t exactly comfortable watching his wife getting intimate onscreen with co-star Richard Madden.

“It’s just weird,” Madfadyen, who plays Tom Wambsgans, husband of Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) in the HBO hit.

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“You can get quite close to the actors you’re working with and all that stuff. It’s odd,” added Macfadyen.

However, as an actor who’s done similar scenes, Macfadyen admitted that he’s also come to realize that while sex scenes may look erotic onscreen, actually shooting one is “the least sexy thing you can possibly imagine.”