Andrew Garfield was spotted hugging Tom Holland when the two were both in attendance at the recent GQ Men of the Year Party in West Hollywood.

Garfield, who played Spider-Man in two “Amazing Spider-Man” movies before passing the torch to Holland, who will soon be seen in his third outing as Spidey in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

During a recent interview on the “Smallzy’s Surgery” podcast, Garfield opened up about their Spidey-meets-Spidey reunion.

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“I went for a couple of hours. I haven’t been to a party in two years. So, it was nice to be out and feeling like you can hug people. Yeah, it was sweet,” said Garfield.

“I got to meet Lil Nas X, who I’m a huge fan of and I got to see another person that I really liked, Tom Holland, again,” he continued

“We’d only met once before a bunch of years ago on the red carpet. I was there with my dad, he was there with his, with his mum I think,” Garfield added. “It was a really sweet thing. So, it was nice to be able to see him and be like, you know, I’m so so excited to see what your movie is going to be and I just think he’s such a great actor and such a great Spider Man. It was fun, man.”