If Queen Elizabeth has a “favourites” list on her phone, it’s likely to include two people who are prominent in the 95-year-old monarch’s life.

“Apparently, the Queen has two people who she speaks to the most on her phones,” royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti said on Us Weekly‘s “Royally US” podcast.

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And who might those people be? The Queen’s daughter Princess Anne and her racing manager John Warren. The Queen is well-known to have a close relationship with her daughter Anne and is famously fond of horse racing. In October, she was inducted into the QIPCO British Champions Series Hall of Fame.

Speaking in the BBC’s 1974 documentary, “The Queen’s Racehorses: A Personal View,” the Queen said, “My philosophy about racing is simple. I enjoy breeding a horse that is faster than other people’s. And to me, that is a gamble from a long way back. I enjoy going racing but I suppose, basically, I love horses, and the thoroughbred epitomizes a really good horse to me.”

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The Queen is expected to be surrounded by family this holiday season after a period of ill health. “The Queen has told everyone she is feeling far better of late and is very much looking forward to welcoming [her family] for Christmas,” a source told The Daily Mail.

“Like many other families, this will be the first time Her Majesty can gather with her extended family after being kept apart for so long due to the coronavirus pandemic,” the source added.