Karol G will be watching her step from now on.

On Friday, the Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter was performing at Miami’s FTX Arena when she took a huge fall.

According to TMZ, which obtained video of the incident (above), she was at the top of a set of metal stairs that serve as part of stage design when she lost her footing on the edge of the top step and then tumbled down the stairs.

Landing on her knees, her head bowed down, she remained in that position for a few moments as one of her background dancers rushed to her assistance.

Suddenly, she popped her head up and rose to her feet before soldiering on with her performance.

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According to the Miami Herald, there’s no word on how badly she was hurt.

However, another video of the accident, posted on YouTube, features Karol onstage detailing her injuries.

“All my nails broke, I think my knee broke,” she tells the audience in Spanish while sitting on a stool. “Everything hurts.”

She then bursts into tears, telling the crowd, “I just wanted it to be perfect.”

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