Matthew McConaughey will not be running for Texas governor in 2022. 

The “Dallas Buyers Club” star announced his decision Sunday on Instagram.

“As a simple kid born in the little town of Uvalde, Texas, it never occurred to me that I would one day be considered for political leadership,” said the Oscar winner during the three-minute-long clip. “It’s a humbling and inspiring path to ponder. It is also a path that I’m choosing not to take at this moment.”

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Instead, McConaughey said he would “continue to work and invest the bounty I have by supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and foundations that I believe are leaders, establishments that I believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life, organizations that have a mission to serve and build trust while also generating prosperity.

“That’s the American dream.”

McConaughey shared his feelings about entering politics in a recent edition of the New York Times podcast “Sway”.

Referencing polls that placed him well ahead of incumbent Greg Abbott, the 52-year-old admitted that he was still on the fence about running for governor.

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“One side of the argument is, McConaughey, exactly. That’s why you need to go get in there,” he told host Kara Swisher, pondering whether he’d have more influence by remaining on the sidelines.

“The other side is, ‘Pfft, that’s a bag of rats, man,’” he continued. “Don’t touch that with a 10-foot pole. There’s another — you have another lane. You have another category to have influence, and get done things you’d like to get done, and help how you think you can help, and even heal divides. Maybe it’s much better outside of politics.”