“Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn is opening up about her tough teenage years.

The 33-year-old, who grew up in Dallas, Texas, tells the Sunday Times how her mother withdrew her from education at 16 to home school her so they could spend more time together in case she passed away from ill health.

Quinn explains how her mom suffered from: “Lupus, Raynaud’s, arthritis so bad, Her hands are totally fused together. She had breast cancer twice… a double mastectomy. She had an aneurysm, open heart surgery.”

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The reality TV star says how during the surgery “we were saying goodbye to her because the doctors were telling us that she wasn’t going to make it. But she made it through.”

Quinn tells the publication how her mom couldn’t teach her “so she sent me to an alternative school.”

She goes on, “And that was, you know, an eye-opener. I went to school with people that were members of gangs, with girls that were being trafficked. With girls that were prostitutes, and I would see their pimps pick them up after school. Girls that were pregnant.”

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Quinn adds that there were kids who were “in and out of jail, problems with drugs. And I learnt to grow up really quick.”

She then got arrested on her 17th birthday.

The “Selling Sunset” villain shares, “At my 17th birthday someone gave me a little marijuana. My parents taught me a lesson. They left me in jail for four days.”

She says of what jail was like, “The food was horrible and everyone was in there for things like prostitution, and I was just, like, I’m here for friggin’ weed.”

“Selling Sunset” season four is on Netflix now.