Sarah Snook has officially made an impact on the TV series “Succession”. The actress gave viewers an awkward dance scene that will never be forgotten — how iconic of her.

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On this week’s episode of “Succession”, Kendall threw himself an extremely over-the-top birthday bash, and with the party came booze. His sister Shiv was in attendance and decided to blow off some steam, with a drink of course, after being knocked down the corporate ladder by her father Logan one too many times.

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With the help of a little liquid courage, Shiv hit the dance floor. She meant business when she took off her shoes and wildly thrashed her body around, nearly causing whiplash.

“She’s just getting the demons out, I guess,” Greg commented, and Roman later mocked her, “I heard it looked like a cry for help.”

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Snook’s co-stars and “Succession” crew are witnesses to Shiv’s shimmy and contested that it would be a big hit, even when they were filming it. Snook told TVLine, “I think I heard ‘cut,’ and someone said, ‘You’ve just become a GIF.’”

The actress added that she channelled some of her own personal, built-up pandemic frustrations into the moves.

“At that point, I hadn’t been out to a bar or a club for over a year, so being able to dance anywhere at that point through the pandemic was a gift. So a lot of that is me letting my frustrations out, and also a lot of that is Shiv venting her frustrations at her brothers. But it was a lot of fun.”