Sandra Bullock is reflecting on the stories of the women who inspired her character in “The Unforgivable”.

In Netflix’s new thriller, the actress portrays an ex-convict reentering society, who is in search of the little sister she was forced to leave behind.

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While catching up with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, Bullock opened up about the many real-life female prisoners she met with while researching for the role.

“The more I talked to incredible human beings that were in the prison system, incredible human beings that had been released from the prison system and you heard their stories of the moment they arrived on this planet, they all had similar themes,” she recalled. “It’s resources, it’s poverty, and it’s the lack of eyes on you seeing you as valuable.”

Bullock’s co-star Rob Morgan also revealed how difficult it was to show the Academy Award-winner tough love as her parole officer in the film.

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The actor explained how he wanted to “hug and hold Sandra between every take” because of “the way she embodied Ruth Slater day in and day out and carried that emotional pain.”

He added, “You could see it in her face.”