Jennifer Aniston is giving her staff a little pampering.

The actress shared a video on Instagram where she played hairdresser.

She captioned the post: “💇🏼‍♀️❤️💥👆🏼”.

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In the video, Aniston seated her makeup artist Angela Levin while grabbing a bottle of hair product.

“So this is just to show the leave-in conditioner can be used on dry hair,” she explained and pumped the lotion into her hand. She then worked the lotion into Levin’s hair, but the actress’ hairstylist Chris McMillan soon stepped in to give some tips to “evenly distribute” the product with a brush.

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The two worked together to give the artist a bouncier bob.

“This is our little tutorial for the day. Bye,” the “Morning Show” actress said blowing a kiss goodbye as McMillan gave Levin an affectionate forehead kiss.