The latest episode of “Succession” was intense — even for “Succession”.

Amid the sibling scuffle it may have gone unnoticed that Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) had an injured arm. The episode explained that Ruck’s character fell at his ranch but the injury justified Connor keeping his coat on during Kendall’s birthday party, to his brother’s growing annoyance.

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The real reason, however, was revealed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” as star Ruck explained that he actually tore his shoulder in real life after shovelling snow in New Jersey at the time.

“I felt it pop — I mean I’m an older guy now — it just went pop and when I finally talked to a surgeon in March, he said, ‘Yeah, you should have had this sewn up,'” Ruck told Kimmel.

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The actor said he immediately called the show’s creator.

“I called up Jesse Armstrong and I said, ‘Jesse, the guy says I have to do it now or I’m gonna be messed up for the rest of my life,’ and he said, ‘We’ll write it in!'”