Paulina Porizkova is opening up about her marriage to rocker Ric Ocasek, who died in 2019 as they were in the midst of divorcing.

In an interview with the podcast “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet”, Porizkova revealed there was a darker side to their relationship than most people may have realized.

According to Porizkova, she initially “construed his interest for love,” but ultimately realized it was actually his “obsession” with her.

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“He didn’t want me to do anything,” Porizkova told de Cadenet of the former Cars frontman, who was nearly two decades her senior when they married in 1989.

“He didn’t want me to go anywhere,” she added. “He wanted me to be within his circle at all times. I was his sole emotional provider for everything, and I confused that with love.”

As Porizkova explained, she felt more like Ocasek’s “treasured possession” than his partner.

“It was a collective thing that just stuck with me forever, and I still feel that way, which, of course, is remarkable then that me, self-proclaimed feminist, goes and marries a guy who tells her how to dress,” she admitted.

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She and Ocasek initialized divorce proceedings in 2017 but the divorce had yet to be finalized when he died at age 75, leaving her nothing in his will.

“It’s a betrayal,” she said. “It’s a betrayal of my trust and my love and everything I put into him for years and years and years. And I have no way of knowing what possessed him to do this.”

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