Singing was the next great acting challenge for Peter Dinklage.

On Tuesday, the “Cyrano” star was on Global’s “The Late Show” and talked to host Stephen Colbert about his role in the new musical adaptation.

“I think it’s one of those classic stories, it sort of is with you a long time,” he said. “Whether you read it or not, you’re aware of it.

“The story of a man, writing under the pseudonym of another man, basically in a modern sense, catfishing. Catfishing has been around for a while.”

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Dinklage praised previous film adaptations of the story, adding, “And now we have done one in which we sing.”

Asked how he got the courage to sing professionally for the first time, the actor said, “You go flat, you go flat. Everybody knows it. No, it’s terribly nerve-racking, but you’re surrounding by really great musicians and really great singers, and they make you feel better.

“And I like a mix of voices. It doesn’t have to be perfect,” Dinklage continued. “The greatest singers aren’t necessarily opera singers, they just have soul. I don’t have any soul, I’m not saying that. But you sing from the heart.”

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Also on the show, Dinklage performed the song “Your Name” from the musical “Cyrano”, alongside the National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner.

“Cyrano” will be released in theatres Jan. 21, 2022.