Edie Falco has been sober for nearly three decades.

In a new interview with the Guardian, the former “Sopranos” star opens up about her decision to give up drinking at age 29.

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She explains that, during her years in acting school, alcohol became a way to compensate for her shyness.

“I was a non-drinker for years, then I had my first drink at college and I found nirvana,” she says. “It was the answer to all my problems, and the cause of all my other problems.”

Asked if she stuck to alcohol over other drugs, Falco says, “Yes, but only because I didn’t have any money. I was a big fan of cocaine if it was around, but I could never afford any, and marijuana just gave me anxiety.”

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It got to a point where she would even pick whom she would date based on whether or not they were also drinkers.

“I’d wait to hear how quickly they’d mention alcohol, and that’s how I knew they were the next guy,” she says, adding that she also convinced herself that she worked better while hungover.

Eventually, though, one morning in March when she was 29, Falco says she woke up in her apartment after a long night out drinking, noticed that she had accidentally left her front door open, and in that moment she knew she was done with alcohol.