The coming out journey is still ongoing for Colton Underwood.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the former “Bachelor” star, who came out as gay earlier this year, opened up about his relationship with Jordan C. Brown.

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“I’m happy, I’m in love and I’m in a good position,” the 29-year-old said. “Everything as far as that goes has been pretty smooth. What was so cool too was, like, after the show was over, I didn’t know what was really next. I knew that I was still coming out and I still am. So there’s still things to work through right now… The friends that I have, the support group that I have has been so helpful and impactful.”

On Friday, the new docuseries “Coming Out Colton” premieres, documenting Underwoods coming out journey, but fans won’t see anything about his dating life in it.

“I have been through that. I have done that,” he said. “Even going into the show, that was one of the conversations with the production company… I’m not in a space right now to really, like, put myself out there like that. I had a lot of self-discovery to do.”

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As for whether his relationship with Brown might feature in a future reality series, Underwood said, “I don’t want to speak in definitives right now because as I learned, I’m growing and I want to give myself space to really explore new things at the moment. I’ve definitely drawn boundaries on that. Having a public relationship, for me, was not healthy. I just think right now I’m really sort of protecting and guarding what I have.”

He added that he’s “not hiding” his relationship, but he and Brown are trying to enjoy their privacy for the moment.

“I just want that time for us,” he said.