Brian Cox says every “bad guy” starts human.

Speaking to Cigar Aficionado for the cover story, the actor revealed his secret behind playing bad guys so good the audience wants to cheer for them.

“You have to discover their humanities… Everybody starts out as a human being. They become monstrous,” he explained.

Cox brought this philosophy to “Succession” character Logan Roy.

“Originally he was supposed to die at the end of the first season,” he revealed.

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HBO’s “Succession” is on season 3 now. The actor began playing the character in 2018. The longer he plays Roy, however, the more Cox finds himself relating to him.

“I kind of worry about him, because he and I are sort of melding as I get older… My language has got really bad,” the 75-year-old actor explained. “I swear more than I swore before, and I’m getting to be less tolerant. That can be age, but my tolerance is very low now. I walk on a set and I kind of plant my flag. And I never used to behave like that… It’s not a good influence.”

The star later goes on to recall how a cancelled audition saved his life decades ago.

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“I had my bag packed. I was in Edinburgh. I was going down for the weekend,” he recounted how he received a note that Sir Laurence Olivier couldn’t make the audition. It was cancelled and Cox never boarded the plane which crashed and killed all its passengers. “I would have been on it. I was shaken by it… Oh I had a real fear of planes.”

Cox’s December issue of Cigar Aficionado is out on newsstands now.