Few things more epitomize Ireland than a tall pint of Guinness, and Irish actor Jamie Dornan is partnering with the famed brewery to bring that experience from an Irish pub to homes throughout the world.

As aficionados of the dark Irish stout well know, the difference between Guinness poured from a can and drawn from a keg is vast, something Jamie Dornan hopes to change by promoting new NitroSurge technology.

In a new video Dornan shot for Guinness, he demonstrates how NitroSurge allows one to pour a pint of Guinness from a can that mimics the draft experience.

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“I’m a huge Guinness fan so I’m absolutely delighted to share my latest work with them on this amazing new technology and fun content series for Guinness NITROSURGE. The device makes it really easy to craft your own two-part pour and get that smooth, domed head,” Dornan shared on Instagram. “You’ll definitely want to try this for yourself – it’s a real game changer for beautiful pints at home.”

“Guinness NitroSurge is another step in a long history of innovations from Guinness as we strive to provide the best quality experience and bring beautiful Guinness to every occasion,” said Steve Gilsenan, Guinness’s global head of quality.

“The technology allows for an enhanced pouring experience and a pint with a smooth, domed head for those who choose to enjoy a can of Guinness at home,” he added.

Meanwhile, at least one of Dornan’s fans signaled her approval — both of NitroSurge and the actor himself.

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