Lizzo is feeling “good as hell” as she enters a new era.

The singer is finally about to take the stage again after the pandemic put a stop to performing on tour.

“I felt like I was going to be rusty, but it’s almost like second nature,” Lizzo told People magazine. “I’ve learned to trust myself and trust my body again. My confidence was shook a little bit over this time, like, ‘Will people care? Are people going to show up?’ They proved me wrong. I got my confidence back.”

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Lizzo will perform live at the “American Express Unstaged” concert on December 4 in Miami.

The three-time Grammy winner broke into the mainstream in 2019, and explained what it was like to experience her new-found fame.

“I let go of the part of myself I lost — being anonymous, privacy — but I’ve gained so much,” Lizzo, 33, said. “My dreams are coming true. People love my music. That’s all I ever wanted. I was really hungry back then, burning the candle at both ends.”

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The “Truth Hurts” singer added, “Now I have this sort of calm to me, like: ‘You’ve done it. Enjoy it. Appreciate it.'”

Lizzo is working on her second major-label LP and already gave fans a taste of her new music when she released the summer collab “Rumors” with Cardi B, the first single off her new album.

“The commercial success I think is where the pressure is. Everyone’s like, ‘You gotta have the same type of No. 1s and Grammys.’ First of all, I didn’t expect none of that, so I’m not expecting it this time, either,” Lizzo explained. “What I do expect of myself is to make great music, and I’ve done that.”

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Lizzo also chimed in on the talk of the industry: Adele.

“I met her at a birthday party or a Grammy party — I can’t remember where because I was drunk at both,” Lizzo said of her friendship with the singer. “She’s been through similar things that I have, and she’s given me really good advice.

“We have very similar personalities and the way we think, and we just connected in that way. We’re both supreme divas. We know our worth — and we’re also both Tauruses!”