Get ready for the new Jack Reacher.

On Thursday, Prime Video Canada released the official trailer for its “Reacher” TV series starring Alan Ritchson in the leading role.

The trailer begins with the title character getting arrested and thrown in jail while the staff of the police station go over his achievements.

“Jack Reacher, found as deceased. Retired army,” the chief detective introduces him.

“Bronze star, silver star, and a purple heart,” another officer lists off his badges. “What’s a guy like that doing in jail?”

The series is based on the international bestselling book series by Lee Child that spans over 26 books, two movies and now a TV series.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Child describes the character he envisioned: a veteran military police investigator.

“Reacher is special; Reacher needs something that is large and substantial and impactful,” he explains.

“Lee created a beloved character, and I thought trying to help make that character live on TV was a great challenge,” showrunner Nick Santora continues. “I knew I’d always have Lee there to make sure everything about Reacher and the story was exactly how he wanted it. If Lee liked the product, we were doing it right.”

The character was first adapted for the silver screen in 2012 and 2016 with two movies starring Tom Cruise which were box office successes.

It wasn’t quite how both fans and Child imagined Reacher, however.

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“When I picture Reacher, let’s say you’re in a bar or restaurant, the door opens, he steps in, and the temperature in the room drops by a degree, because people think, ‘What the hell is this?'” the author elaborates how the impact was missing with Cruise who is 5-foot-7 in real life. “Even if there’s not an immediate threat, there’s an impact. That’s what I wanted.”

Child, who is an executive producer on the show, knew immediately he had found his lead in Ritchson within seconds of watching the audition tape.

“This guy stepped on the screen and had this stillness and blend of menace and goodwill that is always confusing about Reacher,” he says of the actor. “If he’s going to be your friend, you’re very lucky. If he’s not going to be your friend, you’re very unlucky. All of that had to be transmitted just through stance, mood, look — and Ritchson had it right away.”

Prime Video Canada’s “Reacher” will be available for streaming on Feb. 4.

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