Blake Shelton has no problem poking fun at his fellow “Voice” coaches. On Thursday night, the 45-year-old country crooner appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where host Fallon discussed Shelton’s lengthy stint on the NBC music competition show.

“Weirdly, I think you might win it again this year,” Fallon told Shelton, who is the only remaining original “Voice” coach.

“Do you really think that, honestly, you think that? You said it, but do you really think that?” Shelton pressed. “Because I feel like you were really building me up there, because you and I don’t really trust each other, so I was waiting for the backhand to come in there. But do you really mean that?”

Fallon paused before admitting, “No, I think Kelly [Clarkson]‘s going to win this year. But you’re on the show tonight, so I figured, well, you know. But I like Kelly’s band, they’re pretty good.”

Fallon was referring to the group Girl Named Tom, who are on Clarkson’s team. Shelton admitted that the band is “great,” but joked, “The only thing I worry about with that particular group is they’re on Kelly’s team. And while Kelly is a great person and an incredible artist and a great talk show host, she is hands down the worst coach we’ve ever had on ‘The Voice’.”

Laughing, Fallon asked, “Out of everyone, more than Adam [Levine]?”

At the reference to his longtime buddy and former Voice coach, Shelton joked, “She is the second worst coach that we’ve ever had on this show, without question.”

The “God’s Country” singer was also asked about new coach Ariana Grande. He jokingly discussed Grande’s close connection with her contestants and how emotional she gets sending them home from the show.

“She’s a little shaky. She’s having a tough time with this thing. I have to tell her after every episode, if someone goes home, you know, ‘They didn’t send them to the alligator pit or something, Ariana,'” he quipped. “She’s crying and sobbing. People see her crying on TV, but they can’t imagine when the camera goes off she falls apart.”

Grande recently opened up to ET about her first season on the show and letting the emotions get the better of her.

“I’ve been emotional. I think it’s my first season. I think it’s definitely emotional. And especially when Blake’s drink runs out, he gets emotional,” Grande joked with her co-star. “That is the only time.”

“I don’t think I’ve cried one time,” Shelton agreed at the time. “My drink did get emptied one time halfway through an audition, and that made me sad. But you’ve actually been emotional for the right reasons.”


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