Billie Eilish is going back to her roots.

The “Happier Than Ever” singer revealed her new brown hair on Instagram on Dec. 2, via DailyMail.

She captioned the post: “Miss me?”

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The singer last had dark hair when she released her Where Do We Go When We Fall Asleep? album in 2019.

She then dyed her hair to its signature lime green with black tips look which remained a staple until March of 2021. The singer swapped out the green for a platinum blonde to enlist a sense of “anonymity.”

“I couldn’t go anywhere with [that green] hair because it was so obviously me. I wanted anonymity,” she told Elle in an interview in September.

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For the reveal of the brown hair, Eilish even wore her “Drug Free” tee shirt which she wore during her 2020 tour with brunette hair.

Fans reacted with shock with famous friends like Olivia Rodrigo commenting: “omg”.

Eilish remained platinum blonde for less than a year.