Nikki and Brie Bella are making a holiday spectacle on the cover issue of Lapalme Magazine.

The twin sisters talk about everything from past and present relationships to motherhood and navigating life in and out of the ring. Lapalme gave ET Canada an exclusive look inside the magazine.

Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles
Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles

When it comes to their personal lives, the Bella twins keep things pretty lowkey. However, Brie opened up to Lapalme on the compromise that comes with marriage to her husband fellow professional wrestler Bryan Danielson (ring name Daniel Bryan).

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“I think one of the biggest things is understanding compromise. When you’re single, you’re just living for yourself but when I got into my relationship, in the beginning, I realized that I wasn’t good at compromising. I was still operating as living for just me”, said Brie.

“I realized that if you want to be in a good relationship, you have to learn how to compromise. It was hard for me at first. I feel like my husband, and I have such a healthy, beautiful relationship. You have to be willing to let go of your old life and understand what your new life with your partner is and create it as one which is really beautiful,” she continued.

Brie has been happily married to Danielson since 2014. They share two children together, daughter Birdie Joe, 4, and son Buddy Dessertborn, 1.

Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles
Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles

Nikki also opened up about her personal life, revealing what went wrong in her past relationship with professional wrestler and actor John Cena.

“Sometimes we hold ourselves to certain expectations and when we don’t meet those expectations, we become hard on ourselves, and I did that which was ultimately just hurting myself”, the TV personality said.

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Nikki dated Cena for six years and they were engaged to be married. She has since found love with her now-fiancé, professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev.

Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles
Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles

“With Artem, things feel easier in a lot of ways. I don’t feel as much pressure and I can genuinely be who I am. I made mistakes in my last relationship,” Nikki said.

She continued to talk about what changed for her:

“I’ve learned how to communicate differently and be firm in what I want, recognizing that if it works that’s great and if not, that’s fine too and I can move forward. It took me a long time to realize not to settle for less and whatever life you want, you go for it and live it because that’s what brings true happiness.”

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Nikki touched on what makes Chigvintsev so special:

“Artem has just calmed my soul. I’m a lot calmer and more laid back and living a more low-key life is the life for me, tucked away, hidden in the vines,” she explained.

The two welcomed their first child together in 2020, a baby boy named Matteo. Both sisters gave birth to their sons in the same year, only one month apart- in true twin fashion!

Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles
Photo: Filbert Kung in Los Angeles

Nikki and Brie’s Lapalme digital cover issue is now available to purchase.