Simu Liu is the latest celeb to drop by “Hot Ones”, the only talk show that asks stars questions while they eat increasingly spicy hot wings.

During the conversation, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star looked back on his pre-acting career in accounting, something he admitted he was not very good at. “I was a terrible accountant,” he said. “My error rate was so high — like, literally every spreadsheet I sent in, I would get it back immediately and it would be marked completely in red… I wouldn’t trust me to teach anybody anything about accounting.”

As the questions proceed and the wings get hotter, the heat began to take its toll.

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“F**k!” he declared as he pounded the table while eating a wing doused in a sauce called “Hellfire Kranked,” with a Scoville level of 699,000. “Pain. Pain,” he said, wincing as he swallowed the ridiculously hot wing.

He followed that up with the final wing, which he’s drenched in a sauce so hot its Scoville level can’t even be reached, with Liu eating the whole wing like a trouper, because “it’s the last one.”

He also answered the final question, which involved his high school boy band LX4. “Were we good? No,” he mused. “Did we ever go anywhere with our talents? Absolutely not. But boy, did we act like we were *NSYNC incarnate.”

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The entire painful-to-watch interview can be seen in the video above.