When Netflix debuted “Extraction”, starring Chris Hemsworth as mercenary Tyler Rake, the streamer’s execs were taken by surprise by the viewership numbers, which reportedly exceeded 90 million to make the action film its most-watched original up to that point.

A sequel was quickly greenlit, which did present a bit of a conundrum given that Hemsworth’s character seemingly perishes at the end of the movie when he’s shot and then plummets off a bridge.

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Back in September, a trailer was released teasing the sequel, and on Friday, Dec. 3, Hemsworth shared a video taken during the first day of production, in which he and director Sam Hargrave are in the back of the truck that’s driving down a snowy road while on location in Prague.

“Two things are very different from the last one,” says Hemsworth of the “Extraction” sequel. “One: very, very cold. Two: I’m alive. How? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. Stay tuned,” he declares as he and Hargrave end things off by whooping.