Tom Holland paid a visit to “The Graham Norton Show” this week, where he opened up about the extensive audition process that led him to be cast as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As Holland told host Graham Norton, the audition process took seven months, and involved “eight or nine different auditions” and multiple trips to Atlanta for screen tests.

“When I was going for my last audition I had this driver, a lovely guy but a little too honest,” he recalled.

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“He’s sort of sitting there in the car, and he’s chatting to me, chatting to me, chatting to me, and I’m a polite person but I also want to be, ‘Mate, please shut up, I’m trying to learn my line,” Holland continued.

“And he’s looking at me in the rearview mirror… and he goes, ‘You know what kid, I think you’re gonna get it.’ And I’m like, ‘Really, why?'” he said, admitting he was “excited to hear that.”

Then the driver revealed the reason why he felt Holland would land the part. “And he goes, ‘You know what, I think you’re gonna get it because the kid that I just drove there, he is so good looking,'” said Holland, joking, “Exactly the confidence boost I need.”

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After getting the role, Holland ran into the driver a few months later when he returned to Atlanta to shoot the film. “He said, ‘I told you.’ I was like, ‘What did you tell me? That I was gonna get the part or that I was ugly?'” Holland quipped.

Meanwhile, in another part of the interview Holland discussed the difficulties of eating and drinking while suited up as Spidey, revealing he had to sip his Frappuccino through the mask’s eyeholes.