One dying fan had her wishes fulfilled, thanks to Pink.

Last month, the 42-year-old singer sat down for a Zoom call with 63-year-old fellow Philadelphia native and long-time fan Diane Berberian.

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Berberian, who posted a clip from the conversation on Facebook, is a runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is currently in hospice care.

She also just completed her final marathon last month, according to ABC6.

In the conversation, Berberian tells Pink that having the call with her was “a beautiful act of kindness,” revealing that she cried when she learned they were going to meet.

“You’ve made my day,” she said. “I don’t even know what’s on my bucket list now, because you were so far at the top. All the other things started to happen so it’s kinda like, ‘Okay, I’ll think of somethin’ else!'”

Pink told her that another fan had let her know about Berberian’s wish to meet her.

“You have a kind of bravery that I don’t understand,” the singer said. “You’re bringing comfort to other people while you’re walking through this.”

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Berberian said, “I always say I’m climbing the stairway to heaven now,” and revealed that she often listens to Pink music first thing in the morning.

“Most of my days start with the song of the day and it’s a Pink song usually,” she said. “When I race, it’s always a Pink song.”

Finally, she added, “Pink, I love you, I love everything about you.”