Drew Barrymore’s new book Rebel Homemaker was released in November, and finds the actress/daytime talk star getting candid.

That’s particularly true when she writes about how she struggled after her divorce from ex-husband Will Koppelman, from whom she split in 2016.

In an excerpt in the Daily Mail, Barrymore discusses the difficulties she faced when moving from California to New York City.

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“It was a hard time. Lightless, grey, wet, soggy days trying to find a rental apartment, wishing I could run back to California so badly, but I knew that would separate my daughters from the other half of their family, and I would do no such thing,” she wrote.

“I struggled for the next several years to try to figure out a way to make Manhattan a place where I felt comfortable,” Barrymore continued. “Then the pandemic hit. I think I slowly unravelled and yet I felt things I didn’t know possible.”

Ultimately, Barrymore explained, she came to realize the simple truth behind a common saying.

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“Probably the most important thing I’ve come to realize is that as much as I was always looking for an anchor in the form of a home, I’ve fallen in love with the saying ‘Home is where the heart is’, because anywhere my girls and I are together, we will find happiness,” she added.

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