They’re not just “toys.”

On the latest episode of “The Graham Norton Show”, guest Henry Cavill was asked about his obsession with the tabletop miniature game Warhammer.

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“You do have more hobbies than the average man, I’d say. You paint, is it War… World of Warcraft?” Norton asked.

“Warhammer,” Cavill corrected him, and the host responded, “Warhammer, I’m a fool. So you paint by hand? Does everyone do that, or can you buy them already painted.”

The actor replied, “No, you have to paint them. It’s just how much effort you put into it.”

Cavill then explained how the actual game works, for those unaware.

“There’s the painting/modelling side of the hobby, and then there’s the gaming side of the hobby,” he said. “Then you put them together in little armies and you fight against someone else’s army. It’s actually—it is fun! It sounds ridiculous, but it is fun.”

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Norton asked whether Cavill ever invites others to come over an play with his “toys,” and that’s when fellow guest Tom Holland jumped in and said, “Can I come over and play? It sounds amazing!”

Cavill said he could, so keep an eye out for a Superman vs. Spider-Man game of Warhammer some time in the future.

Cavill revealed in an Instagram post last year that he had been spending much of his time early in the pandemic lockdown painting Warhammer figurines.