Dogs really are life-savers.

On Monday, Henry Cavill appeared on “Lorraine” and brought along his best friend Kal, an adorable American Akita with whom he has an “inseparable bond.”

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Cavill said, “He really is my best friend, we go everywhere together.”

“He’s eight now and he has saved my emotional and psychological bacon plenty of times,” the actor added. “We have an incredibly close bond.”

Henry Cavill – Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Henry Cavill – Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

“He kind of gets it,” Cavill says of Kal. “He senses it when I’ve got my own stuff on, he’ll be close – he’s almost always close, but he’ll be closer.”

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The actor also talked about the why he approaches ever movie set with kindness, saying hello to the entire cast and crew, explaining that it “means a lot. We are busy these days, it doesn’t take long, it takes five to ten minutes to shake everyone’s hand.”

He added, “It doesn’t delay the day. Everyone feels like a human.”