Shannen Doherty paid a virtual visit to Monday’s edition of “The Talk” and celebrated a Critics’ Choice Award nomination for her Lifetime movie “List of a Lifetime”.

“I’m really, really, really proud of this movie. It was a labour of love,” said Doherty, who went public with her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. In the film, Kelly Hu plays a woman whose breast cancer diagnosis sets her on a journey to find the daughter she gave up for adoption.

“It was such an amazing, wonderful group of women who got together and told this story,” added Doherty. “I’m not the one who had the cancer in the movie. Kelly Hu who is the one with breast cancer [in the film and] just did a beautiful job. And it was such, I think wonderful way of telling what it’s like to have breast cancer.”

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According to Doherty, she just found out about the nomination that morning.

“We’re already on text messages with each other planning what we are going to wear if we go to the award show,” she revealed. “I’m blown away and I’m just incredibly proud.”

If Doherty does win, she already knows where the statue will be displayed.

“It would go to my mom’s house, honestly. I’d probably give it to my mom. She’d love it.”

During her interview, Doherty also opened up about the long-in-the-works sequel to “Mallrats”, which director Kevin Smith has been developing for some time.

“I am 100-per-cent on board. Who wouldn’t be on board?” she said of participating in a sequel.

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“I loved ‘Mallrats’. I thought it was great and I loved working with Kevin. He has sent me a couple of different versions and each one I’m like, ‘They’re funny, they’re all funny. Let’s just go do it.’ So, I think we all just really need to harass Kevin.”

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