Fans of Netflix reality real estate series “Selling Sunset” may recall that in the first season Chrishell Stause shared an anecdote about how she was given her name.

According to Stause, Chrishell — her middle name, but the one she uses — was a compilation of the name Chris and Shell, created by her mother in honour of an employee named Chris who helped her out when she went into labour at a Shell gas station.

That revelation has led many to believe that she was born in the gas station, and in a new interview with Vulture she sets the record straight.

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“It’s so funny. I was not born in a Shell station. I hate to disappoint people that think I was,” she explains.

“My mom was getting car work done, and an attendant at the station was helping her and keeping her calm [when she went into labour],” she adds.

“Obviously she couldn’t drive to the hospital then, so the ambulance came. I made it to the hospital, but she wanted to name me after him,” she continues.

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“He worked at the Shell station, so she just thought Chris, shell — let’s stick them together,” she says. “And you know, Chrishell was born, quite literally.”