Working for Playboy came with some dark stories.

On Tuesday, A&E debuted new clips from the upcoming documentary series “Secrets of Playboy”, which takes viewers behind the curtain at the adult magazine empire.

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In one of the clips, former Playmate Holly Madison opens up about difficulties of working for Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.

“I got to a point not too far into my time there- I think I was only six months in – where I kind of broke under that pressure and being made to feel like I needed to look exactly like everybody else,” Madison, who was Hefner’s main girlfriend for nearly a decade before they split in 2008, recalled. “My hair was really long naturally and I was just like, I’m gonna go chop my hair off so I can at least look a little different.”

She adds, “I came back with short hair and he flipped out on me,” she said, “and he was screaming at me and said it made me look old, hard and cheap.”

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Fellow Playmate Bridget Marquart also recalls, “Hef would be pretty abrasive in the way he said things to Holly. She came down with red lipstick one time and he, like, flipped out and said he hated red lipstick on girls…Even though other people could wear red lipstick and it didn’t seem to bother him.”

She adds, “It was very frustrating to live with every day — all of the drama that was going on and the tensions. I could definitely see that she was getting depressed and sad and her demeanor was starting to change.”

Finally, Madison says, “I remember there were times probably within the first couple years I lived there when I felt like I was just in this cycle of gross things and I didn’t know what to do.”

In another clip, Sondra Theodore and Lisa Loving Barrett open up about the prevalence of drug use in the world of Playboy.

“They could get girls to do just about anything they wanted if they gave them a quaalude,” Theodore recalls.

“Secrets of Playboy” premieres Jan. 24, 2022.