A “Home Alone” cast reunion is a Christmas wish come true.

“Instead of presents this year, [Devin Ratray] just want[s] [his] family back” and it looks like the actor, who plays “Home Alone”‘s Kevin McCallister’s (Macaulay Culkin) mean, big brother Buzz will get just that.

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The “Home Alone” alum announced today that the cast from the beloved 1990 Christmas classic is planning a virtual reunion, 31 years after the original film.

“They have been planning a reunion online and I just recently, as in a couple of days ago, got on their messenger chat thread,” Ratray told People. “And I have been trying to keep up with Jed Cohen and Diana [Rein] and Terrie [Snell] and Angela Goethals and Hillary Wolf. The family is moving on their own accord to get together, so who knows what’s going to happen in the future.”

The 44-year-old former child star informed the mag that Macaulay, his younger on-screen brother Fuller (Kieran Culkin), and mother Kate (Catherine O’Hara) will not be participating in the reunion.

“Macaulay is so much more open and relaxed and, I should say, more of a public figure,” the “Hustlers” actor mentioned of his fictional brother.

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“He has been reclusive as anyone would be, in his situation, and I’m glad that he is more of a public figure now and open,” Ratray added.

The actor is also pleased with Culkin’s work on “Succession,” mentioning his “very consistent and respectful career” and that “he has always been a real actor.”

As for his on-screen mother, Ratray called the “Schitt’s Creek” star “one of the nicest, sweetest, kindness people.”

“[Catherine] taught me how to be off-camera for somebody else’s close-up,” the “Supernatural” alum explained.

“She was so generous. To her, we weren’t children – we were actors. She was there for us every take, giving everything that she would do for her own close-ups.”

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Ratray is thrilled to be involved in a film that “has become legacy and has affected families now for more than one generation.”

“Parents are showing children, children are showing grandchildren something that I was a part of,’ the actor raved.

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“I don’t know what life has been like without ‘Home Alone,’ since I just turned 13. I’ve come to realize that this movie, it’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than any actor’s ego. It has become part of indelible imprints in family – in their consciousness.”

Ratray reprised his role as Officer Buzz McCallister in Dan Mazer’s appallingly-reviewed six-quel “Home Sweet Home Alone”, now streaming on Disney+.

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