There have been a lot of “fifth” Beatles over the years, but none quite like Gary Thump.

On Tuesday’s “The Late Late Show”, host James Corden debuted his parody of the docuseries “The Beatles: Get Back”, digitally inserting himself into the footage to play the previously unknown fifth member of the band.

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Titled “The Gary Sessions”, the footage shows Corden as Thump, a long-haired pianist and guitarist who can’t hit his notes.

“You know what, Paul? A for effort, but let it be, let it shmee. If you’re looking for a banging tune, this isn’t it,” he tells Paul McCartney at one point, criticizing the song “Let It Be”.

Thump also reveals himself as a member of a cult, following leader Sri Sri Jean Michel Van Space Cat with whom he’s co-written the psychedelic song “Omnipotent Jelicopter”.

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The musician also performs a song called “(Three Little) Silly Sheep” and another called “Chicken Tonight”.

Needless to say, Thump was kicked out of the band by the end of the sessions.