Families come in all shapes and sizes.

This week, Sandra Bullock appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to talk about her new film “The Unforgivable” and how it reflects the complex reality of families.

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“Once you’re a parent, you can’t see through different eyes, other than that of a parent,” she said. “The question of, What is a parent? is really important to me.”

She explained, “My family, if it wasn’t for adoption and foster care, I wouldn’t have my family, so this film really struck a chord in that there are millions upon millions of babies and children on this planet that have no one to love them… there are millions upon millions of adults that wish they could be a parent.”

In “The Unforgivable”, Bullock plays a woman trying to rebuild her life after serving time in prison on a violent-crime conviction.

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Also on the show, Bullock teases that during the first season of “American Idol”, she didn’t actually vote for Clarkson.

“The good thing is, you won,” Bullock joked. “Does it matter who I voted for?”