Some family reunions can get extremely dramatic.

This week, MTV released a sneak peek of the new spinoff “Teen Mom: Family Reunion”, featuring the highly anticipated return of star Farrah Abraham to the franchise.

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“Hey, everyone, it’s Farrah again. That’s right, I’m back. I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of stuff about me appearing on ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’, like this headline, ‘Teen Mom Farrah Abraham hired for show spinoff to bring drama.’ Drama? Me? I have no idea what they’re talking about,” she says, introducing the preview.

As the clips from the show run, the cast members are told there’s a surprise in store, with Abraham appearing.

“Who the f**k invited Farrah?” one of the other cast members asks.

It appears that things almost immediately get confrontational, with arguments, upending tables. In another scene, Briana DeJesus collapses and is taken away by an ambulance.

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Talking to TMZ over the weekend, Abraham said that she was attacked “physically” during the filming.

“I think I could walk through the door and like, drama is going to happen, sadly,” she said. “I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves. Do not sneak attack a woman, and do not gang up on a woman, because I don’t handle that too well. So that’s kind of what happened to me.”

Asked directly if the attack was physical, Abraham said, “Yeah, and I think people should not physically attack you.”

That said, she still had positive things to say about her fellow cast members.

“I always wish them the best,” Abraham said. “I think there’s a lot of progress still to be made.”