Andrew Garfield has nothing but praise for Tom Holland.

The actor dropped by Wired to answer questions in their “Web’s Most Searched Questions” segment.

The interview format forgoes a traditional interview by having Google’s auto-complete ask questions based on the algorithm’s most searched queries on the interviewee.

When the question “What does Andrew Garfield think of Tom Holland” came up, he took the moment to compliment the actor.

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“I really like him. I think he’s a wonderful person. I met him once at the BAFTAs, one year. We had a lovely talk. He was very sweet,” Garfield said.

In fact, the two might have more in common than expected.

“He’s a Kingston boy. We’re neighbours, pretty much. He’s from Surrey,” the actor revealed. Garfield was raised in Surrey, England as a child.

Speaking on Holland taking over the role of Spider-Man, the 38-year-old actor thinks it is in good hands.

“And then, you know, as an actor, I just think he’s absolutely wonderful. I’m just super grateful that he’s the one filling out the suit,” he admitted. “I love those films. I think they’ve done an incredible job with it.”

Another celebrity Garfield fanboyed over was Justin Timberlake.

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“I love working with him in ‘The Social Network’. And, you know, I had to kind of keep my cool because I am such a fan,” the actor said.

Apparently, Timberlake was very supportive of the other actors during the production. During a pivotal scene in the movie in which Garfield’s character smashes a laptop, the “SexyBack” singer gave him some kind words afterwards.

“I won’t say what he said, but he was just so lovely. And it was like, ‘I’m gonna remember this moment forever because you’re someone who I so admire as an artist,'” he recalled.