Kevin Hart’s wine knowledge has been put to the test.

The comedian joined sommelier André Hueston Mack for Bon Appetit‘s “Through the Grapevine” video series to see if he could tell the cheap wines from the expensive wines.

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Despite thinking it would be “very easy”, Hart was a little too confident.

“Even though that was wrong, I’m going to say I was right,” Hart said after his first loss.

Declaring one wine was “s**t”, “I don’t see this being more than $20”, Hart was pretty close when the bottle came in at $9.99.

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“That smells like manure,” Hueston Mack said while agitating another glass.

“Why are we drinking this?” Hart questioned. “Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled cow s**t but cow s**t don’t smell like that.”

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