Nicholas Braun got his start in the acting world at a young age.

The “Succession” star chats to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Thursday, with the host airing an adorable clip of a six-year-old Braun being a kid reporter for “Good Morning America”.

He shares after watching the video, “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that that is me. I need to get that hair cut back.”

As DeGeneres asks whether he remembers it, Braun replies: “I actually do. My brother was the producer of this segment and produced a lot of ‘Good Morning America’ segments and he wanted to really make it feel exciting and big.

“So, he would get me a stretch limo and it would pull up outside of my classroom. I’d look to all the kids and go ‘that’s my limo outside!’

“Being on the street filming as a little kid, it was like chaos around me,” he adds, as DeGeneres points out he had “the bug.”

Nicholas Braun, Ellen DeGeneres. Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Nicholas Braun, Ellen DeGeneres. Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. — Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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The actor also talks about his quest to find a real version of his on-screen “Succession” character, Greg, all in the name of research for the role.

“I found one [Greg] that I love,” he tells DeGeneres, insisting he’d spill the beans during the commercial break.

DeGeneres also mentions that the “Succession” cast have a wealth consultant on set to help them prepare for their parts.

Braun jokes, “They don’t talk to me much. My character’s the poorest and most naive of this bunch.”

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Braun and DeGeneres then go head-to-head in a game of “5 Second Rule”. See more in the clip below.