Dealing with critics can take a toll.

This week, Jessica Alba welcomed Kate Hudson onto her YouTube channel, and the actresses got into a candid conversation about the price of fame, and how hard they had to work to get taken seriously.

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“I think, Hollywood, it took them a minute to catch up to me,” Alba said. “I’ve always dealt with haters in this business, I don’t know why. People don’t want me to win in entertainment.”

Hudson replied, “I feel like it comes to everybody at some point in their career. Hollywood is a lot of things: it’s a lot of fun, you’re creative, you’re working with the best people, you’re having amazing experiences and you’re getting paid to do what you love. And then there’s the other side of it which can be intensely brutal. I think everyone has that moment.”

Talking about fame itself, Alba admitted that these days she doesn’t look on it very positively.

“That’s actually my least favorite part of it all,” she said. “I can’t say I’m not appreciative of the opportunity it’s given me to build a business that I’m passionate about but, at the same time, it’s definitely not why I’ve ever loved it.”

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Alba clarified, though, that she “didn’t really need validation” from anyone other than the people who purchase her beauty products.

“It’s a brutal business,” Hudson said. “I sometimes think, like, when people have this desire to be famous, it looks interesting on the outside but…put on your seatbelt.”

Talking about her shift away from acting and into the business world, Alba said that she “always [has[ been a performer” and still “loves doing that,” but added, “I definitely have much more of a business prowess. I’m pretty good at business naturally. I love to learn, I’m curious, and I think that was something I didn’t know about myself that I learned over the last decade.”