Lourdes Leon is on the cover of Paper Magazine where she is embracing her body.

The daughter of Madonna has been quickly rising up in the fashion world and covered the magazine in a number of barely-there outfits. Leon also spoke with designer Raul Lopez for the publication where she opened up about being shamed for her style choices.

“First of all, I would say that showing skin does not equate with hoe activity, ok? And I think it’s a bit ridiculous that people are still living in this world where we’re equating showing skin with wanting attention or being a hoe,” she said. “Literally, like let a b**ch. Let her wear what she wants.”

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Leon pointed out the way women have to act when they are in the spotlight.

“You have to follow these rules and be cute, be polite and be nice,” Leon continued. “Not do too much of this, not do too much of that. You can’t talk s**t to anyone because people will be so mad at you, even though they’re talking s**t to you in the first place, but you can’t clap back. God forbid you clap back.”

“People really place a lot of value in women on how they look and how sexual they are,” she added. “Be hot, but not too hot. Be the virgin and the whore at the same time … So the second you reclaim that sexuality as something that is your own, people are f**king mad.”

Leon also commented on how people are quick to compare her to her mom.

“I have a base layer of hatred because so many people like to hate on my mom, so it’s obviously like I’m the spawn, I’m the oldest daughter, I’m going to see the tail end of that hate,” she said. “So anything I do negative, it’s, ‘Like mother, like daughter.’ Y’all are so unoriginal.”

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To conclude, Leon pointed out how she “can’t get into” the blazer trend, to which Lopez suggested she wears “a slutty look” underneath it.

“Yeah, that’s giving Hailey Bieber for me. I don’t really know. I said what I said,” Leon replied. “The sexy corporate America look is not for me. Maybe I’ll get into it when I’m a little more grown. We’ll see. Never say never, but that’s just something I have seen where I’m like, ‘All these bitches in these blazers three times their size,’ I can’t.”