Michael B. Jordan wasn’t ready to give up his “Sexiest Man Alive” title quite so soon.

The “Creed” star stopped by “Live With Kelly And Ryan” where he joked about the abrupt end to his title.

“I mean, they just throw you out. Like, two weeks ago I was all the rave and now I’m just ‘former Sexiest Man Alive,'” he teased. “Actually, I just woke up to the news. They didn’t give you a heads up, no. It was a little rude, a little disrespectful. But I let it slide because it’s Paul Rudd, so….”

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Co-host Kelly Ripa offered to “send People a strongly worded letter.”

“Thank you,” Jordan replied laughing.

Jordan went on to say the title was “a gift and a curse.”

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“To all my friends it’s just a target on your back, you know? The group chats, I mean, all the memes and the GIFs — they just have a ball with just giving me crap.”

Ryan Reynolds also weighed in last month when Rudd was named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” 2021, after holding the honour in 2010.

“I think that this opportunity will be wasted on him, like so many before him,” Reynolds joked. “He’s going to play it shy. He’s going to play it bashful, humble. If I know what I knew now, I wouldn’t. You got to seize this opportunity.”