Vanna White made sure to show Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie the ropes when she filled in for her on the “Wheel of Fortune”.

Maggie, 26, has taken over as letter turner when her dad Pat, 75, has been off due to ill health, with White, 64, stepping in to host the show.

Maggie, who is now the show’s social correspondent, told Yahoo! Entertainment that White headed over to her house back in November 2019 when Pat was taken to hospital for an emergency surgery to fix a blocked intestine.

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She said of White teaching her how it’s done, “She gave me a little tutorial, like on our refrigerator, of how to press the letters and how hard to press them and all of that.

“She was so gracious in teaching me, and you know, she had a big job to do that week too, filling in for my dad. So it was a new experience for both of us, and I’m really glad we were able to do that together.”

Maggie said her dad was really proud of the pair for powering through and taking over, “He was really glad that it was something that we could kind of keep it in the family because it was a crazy time.

“I mean, you know, he had this emergency that happened and so there was a lot going on, so to kind of be able to simplify it and keep it all rolling. I think he was really thankful for that.”

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This certainly wasn’t Maggie’s first time on the “Wheel of Fortune” stage.

Her dad brought her out when she was just one to introduce his baby girl to the world.

Maggie added of another time she appeared on the famous stage, “My brother and I pretended to be Pat and Vanna during a close. And we were, I don’t know, I think I was like four and he was like eight. It was very cute.”