Michael B. Jordan has quite the effect on people.

The actor appeared on Thursday’s “The View”, where a cameraman who was trying to get a shot of Jordan walking out almost fell over.

The star was quick to check the person in question was ok, and the interview with the show’s hosts continued, but not before social media users shared the moment online.

The internet was also quick to point out that it wasn’t just the cameraman who was affected by Jordan’s presence.

The hosts and the audience couldn’t stop gushing over the “Black Panther” star.

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“You know you’re not just a gorgeous guy,” Joy Behar told him. “You know, like they say, he’s fiiiiine!”

She also questioned Jordan on how a busy guy like him coped with the pandemic.

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He admitted, “It was tough to slow down at first, I definitely got a little bit stir-crazy.

“But I actually just took the time to really just rest and actually sit still,” adding that he’d been able to spend time with his baby nephew Lennox.

Plus, Jordan was joined by his “A Journal for Jordan” co-star Chanté Adams, as well as author Dana Canedy to talk about the upcoming flick.